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Illustrated Special Relativity Through Its Paradoxes: A Fusion of Linear Algebra, Graphics, and Reality
Jose' Wudka, John de Pillis
The Pursuit of Quantum Gravity: Memoirs of Bryce DeWitt from 1946 to 2004
Cecile DeWitt-Morette
Erwin Schrodinger and the Quantum Revolution
John Gribbin
Between Women: Friendship, Desire, and Marriage in Victorian England
Sharon Marcus
Magiczne dwudziestolecie
Przemysław Semczuk
Faraday, Maxwell, and the Electromagnetic Field: How Two Men Revolutionized Physics
Nancy Forbes, Basil Mahon
The Everett Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics: Collected Works 1955-1980 with Commentary
Hugh Everett, Jeffrey Alan Barrett
Many Worlds?: Everett, Quantum Theory, & Reality
Adrian Kent, Jonathan Barrett, Simon Saunders, David Wallace
The Emergent Multiverse: Quantum Theory according to the Everett Interpretation
David Foster Wallace
Dirty Old London: The Victorian Fight Against Filth
Lee Jackson